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The 2023 Recycling Horizon: UK Recycling Legislation Planned for Businesses

In the last 5 years, sustainability has become more of a priority for businesses, stakeholders and the general public. This currently centres around recycling our household waste and businesses making ethical decisions; however, there must be more consideration taken when it comes to managing waste. 

Although there is a legal framework for businesses when it comes to waste disposal and recycling, this is not very extensive. As it stands, the regulations only address how businesses in the UK are to correctly deal with their waste materials. This is set to change as of 2023, with stricter legalisations being introduced to establish waste prevention, re-using and recycling as the norm with disposal being a last resort. 

After a public consultation by Department for Environment and Rural affairs (DEFRA) in 2019, the government will introduce a new list of recyclable materials for households and, most importantly, for businesses. With something similar already established in Scotland, this will likely include a requirement for businesses to recycle waste once it passes a set threshold. Failure to do so will likely result in fines for those who do not comply.

A spokesperson for DEFRA in July 2019 said that they will “legislate to modernise government’s powers to set producer responsibility obligations, extending them to prevention and redistribution of waste, so that we can tackle the moral scandal that is food waste”.

Companies must prepare for this incoming legislation as non-compliance could cause public relations nightmares on top of the heavy fines they will likely incur. Research shows that companies are more likely to experience backlash from customers if they do not operate with proper corporate sustainability and practice non-compliance with regulations.

No doubt businesses are going to have to seriously address their waste management strategies over the coming years. This is something Let’s Recycle It is perfectly equipped to help you with; with industry leading expertise, we can offer the best advice on how to handle your waste materials. We can even buy your plastic scrap, turning your waste material into a profitable resource for you. We are an accredited recycler, we offer a fully traceable service, we make fast payments and we guarantee the most environmentally sustainable treatment of your waste.

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