Biffa Preparing Huge £100 Million Lawsuit Against Scottish Parliament


The picturesque landscapes of Scotland are at the forefront of a significant environmental and economic standoff, as Biffa, a leading waste management company, gears up for a landmark £100m lawsuit against the Scottish parliament. This contention stems from the complexities and delays associated with Scotland’s ambitious deposit return scheme (DRS), highlighting the challenges of marrying…

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Landfill Tax Increase | What It Means for a Circular Economy

The Spring Budget announcement by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has sent ripples across the waste management sector, with a substantial landfill tax increase signalling a shift in the government’s approach towards sustainable waste management. The Spring Budget’s update heralds a critical juncture for environmental management and sustainability, highlighting the government’s commitment to greener practices and the…

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Wales Introduces Mandatory Workplace Recycling

Workplace Recycling

In a significant move towards environmental sustainability, Wales is set to implement new mandatory workplace recycling regulations requiring businesses to segregate recyclable materials in a manner similar to existing household practices.

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72% of Brits Confess to “Wishcycling” Household Waste in Shocking New Research

Household Waste

New research by Gousto reveals that 72% of respondents in the UK admit to household waste in recycling bins without being certain that it is actually recyclable. Moreover, 71% of those surveyed find packaging labels and recycling guidelines confusing, with 45% often unsure about what can and cannot be recycled from household waste. As a result, 65% of respondents expressed a desire for recycling to be made simpler.

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Shocking Waste Crime: 20% of England’s Waste Disposal is Illegal

Waste Crime

England is grappling with a significant waste crime problem. Recent findings from the Environment Agency (EA) indicate that nearly a fifth of all waste in the country, totalling approximately 34 million tonnes, is handled illegally every year. This constitutes a diverse range of illicit activities, including dumping, burning, illegal shipping, the false representation of waste, and the operation of unlawful waste sites.

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