Plastic Waste Dumps Could Become the New Oil Fields, Says New Research from University of Cambridge

Plastic Waste Dump

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a solar-powered system that can turn plastic waste and CO2 into two chemical products at the same time. The technology, which was developed by Professor Erwin Reisner, can transform plastic and CO2 into syngas, which is a key component of sustainable fuels such as hydrogen, and glycolic acid, which is commonly used in the cosmetics industry.

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Let’s Recycle It Ltd | 2022 A Year In Review

Christmas is almost here, which means the New Year is not far behind. With this being such a good time to look back over the year just passed, we felt it would be the perfect opportunity for us to revisit everything we achieved and everything we overcame in 2022.

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Welsh Government Introducing Single-Use Plastic Ban


Following a consultation that took place in 2020, the Welsh government has proposed a ban on many common single-use plastic items. It was said in the announcement that this would be the most comprehensive legislation introduced by any of the UK nations on single-use plastics.

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