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Sustainability Still Top Priority Despite COVID-19

As we sit at the beginning of a new year in January 2021, it is nothing short of an understatement to say that the world as we knew it in January 2020 is nowhere to be seen. The coronavirus pandemic in the UK continues to go from bad to worse, as daily new cases and deaths reach record highs.

Life has changed for everyone in so many ways, but that isn’t to say that everything has changed. New research conducted by DS Smith in partnership with Ipsos MORI has revealed that, despite the pandemic, sustainability still remains a top priority for a majority of consumers.

A survey investigating shopping habits was conducted that recorded data from 9,000 participants across 12 European countries. The data revealed that 85% of consumers still prioritise making purchases based on the amount of packaging a product has, with 29% admitting they avoid brands with too much packaging altogether.

The way people shop has changed dramatically; 68% of participants revealed they now spend as little time in store as possible, trying to do most of their shopping via e-commerce. 48% said they have received products bought online that came with too much packaging, with 22% saying they avoid certain online retailers entirely due to their unnecessary packaging.

Stefano Rossi, the chief executive of DS Smith, commented on the findings of the survey, saying, “This new research not only reveals what has changed because of COVID-19, it also shows what priorities have endured and that sustainability is still front of mind for consumers across Europe. Retailers and brands need to embrace sustainable packaging at such an important time to ensure they reap the environmental and consumer benefits.”

These results are not surprising to us at Let’s Recycle It, but nevertheless we are happy to see that people have not become apathetic to environmental issues. Businesses should not think their customers no longer care about the sustainability of their practices because of the pandemic. Their operations and waste management practices should still be held to the highest green standards they always have been.

Let’s Recycle It LTD is here to support businesses through the coronavirus pandemic, and to help ensure that waste is managed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We have the expertise to advise and guide you through the most sustainable waste disposal processes available. We can even help you turn your unwanted scrap materials into profitable income streams for you.

We are a fully licensed and accredited recycler and offer a fully traceable service so you know beyond any doubt your waste is being dealt with in the most optimal way. We are the most ethical route to get your scrap back to market, and we work tirelessly to advance industry towards the circular economy that we know is possible.

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