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Our Role in Creating a Circular Economy

Europe’s new agenda for sustainable growth, and one of the building blocks of the European Green Deal, has been to adopt the Circular Economy Action Plan. A circular economy is an economic system designed to minimise waste by using sustainable resources that can be cyclically reused, rather than relying on a constant supply of new materials for single-use manufacturing. The European Green Deal was designed due to over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as over 90% of water stress and biodiversity reduction, occurring as a result of the extraction and refinement of resources from the Earth.

The European Green Deal introduced the Circular Economy Action Plan as part of the efforts to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Therefore, the EU is committing to speeding up the dissociation of economic growth and resource use. It is instead taking action to develop a regenerative economic growth model that has an overall positive impact on the environment, rather than the current model which takes a huge ecological toll. Let’s Recycle It are very much on board with this plan; we work to keep resources in use within the economy for as long as possible.

With the help of our partners, we are already underway in embracing and working towards achieving this sustainable model. We do all we can to make sure the various grades of plastic materials used in manufacturing across all industries can be reprocessed and repurposed. We have expertise in matching the waste we collect with the optimal end user, so that the plastic scrap can go back into manufacturing in as sustainable a way as possible.

We expect our ability to further contribute towards economic sustainability to increase dramatically when legislation is implemented requiring manufacturers to consider the recyclability their products. This will ensure product designers prioritise making goods that will last longer, will be easier to repair, and, most importantly, will be easier to recycle.

The Circular Economy Action Plan will focus on sectors with the highest rates of resource consumption, where circularity is low. The actions they shall take with regards to these sectors will share one central principle: ensuring less overall waste with the transformation of scrap material into high-quality secondary resources. This will be achieved by shifting focus towards increasing the amount of recycled content used in manufacturing, as well as by gearing polymer use towards optimal recyclability. Equally important will be minimising the use of hazardous chemicals and curbing the production of single-use products. 

At Let’s Recycle It, we share this vision of a circular economy; protecting the environment is our business.

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