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Landfill Tax | Businesses Priced Out Of Landfill

UK Landfill Tax

As of 1st April 2022, the UK government has increased the landfill tax rates. This is the latest rise in the cost of landfill, which has been steadily increasing over the years due to many contributing factors. For example, energy prices have consistently been getting higher over time, and landfill sites have not been immune to this; they have had to pass these costs onto their users. As well as this, trade barriers with the EU that have arisen since Brexit – such as customs declarations that can cost around £50 per trailer – have caused a decline in the amount of UK waste being exported, creating a sudden increase in demand for landfill.

These factors which have contributed to the rise in costs of using landfill have been putting pressure on businesses. Many companies rely on their ability to send their waste to landfill, and it is simply becoming too expensive for them. 

Whereas some would argue for the landfill tax rates to be reduced, or even for landfill use to be subsidised by the government, at Let’s Recycle It Ltd we would argue that we should use this as an opportunity to incentivise ending our dependence on this method of waste disposal. Landfill sites are more than just an eyesore, they are among the worst offenders when it comes to pollution and climate change.

The rubbish that is buried in landfill sites takes an extremely long time to break down, in some cases taking centuries to do so. This means that a great deal of the rubbish will become pollution; waste can blow out of landfill and contaminate our landscapes, it can enter rivers and pollute our lakes and oceans, or it can break down and release toxic substances into the soil and groundwater. Not only is this a danger to human and wildlife health, but the greenhouse gases released as the waste materials breakdown contribute massively to the warming effect on our climate.

Zero Landfill

At Let’s Recycle It, we encourage all businesses to stop being reliant on landfill and begin recycling their waste instead. The list of benefits of recycling, both environmental and financial, is very long; whereas you need to pay to use landfill, recyclers will actively pay you for your waste – turning an expense into a revenue stream. Also, by sending your waste to a recycler you are keeping it out of landfill, preventing it from becoming a pollutant in the environment and from contributing to climate change.

To achieve this, businesses will need to start actively choosing the materials they use based on whether they are recyclable or not. If businesses decide to use recyclable materials and to work with recyclers to ensure that their waste is handled and stored properly, they can maximise the value they will receive for it. The more businesses decide to recycle their waste, then not only will the recycling industry become more profitable, but recycled materials will also become more affordable.

Net Zero 2050

The goal we should all be striving towards is that of a fully circular economy with net zero waste and net zero carbon emissions, in line with the UK’s net zero 2050 targets. Recycling is a microcosm of the circular economic model, and as such it will play a significant role in us reaching these targets. Using only materials that can be repurposed will be the most powerful tool we have in achieving net zero waste. It will also be a major contributor towards us achieving net zero carbon emissions, as recycling generates far lower levels of carbon emissions than producing virgin materials does.

Plastic Recycling UK

Here at Let’s Recycle It, our team is put together of expert recyclers and chemical engineers with decades of experience in the industry. We work closely with our clients across Ireland and the UK to advise them on how they can get the greatest value out of their scrap materials, as well as on what materials to avoid using in the interests of optimal sustainability. We have a vast network of fully accredited recycling partners that stretches around the world, giving us the reach we need to consistently achieve the most sustainable outcomes for your waste and the most profitable outcomes for you. We are always keen to hear from new businesses looking to work with us to help move towards economic circularity.

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