The UK’s Most Problematic Plastic Waste Streams

Plastic Waste

The truth of the matter is that a fair percentage of plastic waste is recycled – such as PET bottles, HDPE detergent bottles, LDPE film and clear PET trays – but there are other problematic polymer streams that currently are not.

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Recycling At Home

So very often I hear moans and groans from friends and neighbours inflamed by something they saw in the news telling them their efforts to segregate their household waste have themselves been wasted. Their segregated waste just ends up in landfill anyway, or incineration or worse. However, as a member of the Let’s Recycle It…

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The importance of keeping waste moving during COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented times – now there’s an understatement if ever I heard one. No one, or certainly very few people, could have predicted the scale and speed of the pandemic, nor the loss of life and global economic catastrophe which has struck the world as a result of it. But what we…

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