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National Shortage of Sanitiser and a Second Lockdown

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK and we went into lockdown in March 2020, the hygiene industry was left fully exposed. COVID-19 revealed just how unprepared for such an event we were; people went out panic buying and key hygiene products were nowhere to be found in supermarkets. Toilet paper, soap, disinfectants, gloves, masks and hand sanitisers, among other essential products, were a rarity on shop shelves.

Hand sanitiser was so highly in demand that there was a nationwide shortage of it. The NHS, health and social care workers and relevant charity workers depend on sanitisers to do their jobs and being left without it put them at risk.

It got to the point where the Scottish brewery company BrewDog had to step in and begin manufacturing it at their facility, then donating it to the NHS and charity sites most in need. So severe was this shortage that other brewers, such as 58 Gin in London and Verdant Spirits in Dundee, had to join BrewDog in manufacturing sanitiser and donating it to the services most in need. This was a vital injection of hand sanitisers into the supply chain, but it still wasn’t enough; it took months for a steady supply to be achieved.

With the introduction of the government’s new three tier COVID-19 restrictions scheme and the general looming threat of a second national lockdown, the hygiene industry may soon come under this intense strain again. Even with the preparation we’ve had from the first lockdown, we still haven’t brought supply up to meet the level of demand we experienced throughout March and April.

This is the exact problem that Let’s Sanitise It was setup to tackle. Our industry-leading mass hygiene solutions are perfect for making the country and the economy COVID-secure and preventing another lockdown. Our hand sanitisation stations are fully automatic, removing the need for any contact whatsoever; they also store enough sanitiser to sanitise 5,000 people’s worth of hands, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. The state-of-the-art design uses motion sensor technology to detect the presence of hands and administer a carefully measured dose of sanitiser. These machines minimise waste and cut costs, with some customers saving as much as £300-per-month per machine. Made from recycled material, they even promote a circular economy and protect the environment.

Let’s Sanitise It provides the mass hygiene solutions needed to fight back the coronavirus and keep a second national lockdown away. Get in touch today to find out how we can keep you, your business safe and the United Kingdom safe.

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