Lockdown is Here

As of Thursday 5th November 2020, England is officially in its second full lockdown. Unlike the first lockdown, schools and universities are to stay open; however, all non-essential businesses must close and all those able to work from home must do so. People are also being told to stay at home, with the only exceptions being leaving once a day for outdoor exercise or for specific reasons that cannot be avoided.

The lockdown was initially intended to last four weeks; however, rumours have been circulating that the lockdown will extend later into December or even through Christmas and into the new year. This would be devastating for the English population as much as it would be for the UK economy.

The economy has already suffered due to the events of the pandemic; recently the Bank of England injected £150 billion into the economy to fight the virus, drastically slashing their growth projections. The Bank of England has said that it will take until at least 2022 for the economy to recover to pre-COVID 2019 levels.

We want to see the end of lockdown as soon as possible. We do not want it running into late December and we most certainly do not want it to run through Christmas. The strategy to avoid this is twofold; in the short-term, people doing all they can to distance, isolate and avoid exposure is crucial in bringing the number of cases down. In the long-term, making the economy COVID-secure is the key to avoiding future lockdowns.

Making the economy COVID-secure is simple enough on paper, though it is certainly much more challenging in practice. Companies need to adapt in order to make it safer for them to operate – for both their staff and their customers. Making it easy to distance and to practice good hygiene is paramount, and the latter is where Let’s Sanitise It can make things easier for you.

Let’s Sanitise It can provide your business with state-of-the-art hand sanitising stations to keep you, your business, your staff and your customers as safe as possible in an unsafe world. Our machines use motion sensor technology to prevent any need for physical contact, as well as containing large 5-litre drums of sanitiser to sanitise 5,000 people’s worth of hands between refills – making it perfect for high traffic environments. The machines administer carefully measured dosages of sanitiser to minimise waste, and many of our clients experience savings of £300-per-month per machine compared to using traditional sanitiser units.

Get in touch with Let’s Sanitise It today to find out about the hygiene solutions we provide.

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