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Coronavirus: What do the new restrictions mean for the UK?

On Tuesday 2nd September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the government’s plans for implementing new coronavirus restrictions in the UK. The reactions to these measures in the media and around the country have been extremely varied.

Many express that they feel the new regulations are appropriate and will help bring the rate of new infections down without causing too much disruption to the economy. Other voices are calling for a return to a full lockdown; a closing of all non-essential business and an indefinite extension of the furlough scheme. Then there are those who feel the long-term effects of lockdowns and restrictions on the economy will be far worse than anything the virus might throw at us and that we should fully reopen the country, keeping only the most at risk people isolated until the virus has gone through the healthy population.

The restrictions will come into effect throughout the week of their announcement, and many individuals and business owners are already showing concern for how they will be impacted. 

So, what are these new restrictions?

  • Office workers are to work from home where possible
  • All retail staff and customers must wear masks
  • Taxi drivers and passengers must wear masks
  • Fines for not wearing masks where required, or for gatherings of more than six, to increase to £200 for a first offence
  • Pubs, bars and restaurants are restricted to table service only – takeaways may continue
  • All hospitality venues must be closed by 10PM
  • A maximum of 15 people are allowed to attend weddings – 30 for funerals
  • Participation in indoor adult sports must also now adhere to the rule of six
  • The return to spectator sports has been indefinitely postponed

The government has made clear that if these new restrictions do not successfully bring the R number below one – the indicator that the pandemic is no longer growing – “then we reserve the right to deploy greater fire power with significantly greater restrictions”. The government has also said it is making more funding available to police to aid them in enforcing these regulations and has suggested it would be willing to deploy military force if necessary.

Wherever you stand in terms of restrictions or lockdowns, what is clear is that the R number must come down. We can all agree that none of us want to live in a country where we are confined to our homes by military control. Workplaces, offices, factories, warehouses, pubs, bars, restaurants, retail outlets, supermarkets, sports centres and all other areas people gather must be made COVID-secure. To keep the R number falling we all must adhere to social distancing as much as possible, and all places of work and public life must be adapted to offer people the opportunity to practice good hygiene. Making these adaptions is a service that Let’s Sanitise It is perfectly equipped to provide.

Let’s Sanitise It, in partnership with Let’s Recycle It Limited, offers mass hygiene solutions that can be perfectly tailored to any environment. We can provide you with state-of-the-art, high-volume and fully automated hand sanitising stations that can sanitise up to 5,000 people’s worth of hands per refill. These machines are available in a variety of product options and are ideally suited for situation in workplaces and hospitality environments. The number of hands each refill can sanitise – 10,000 – would also make these stations perfect for placement in arenas and high-capacity sports stadiums to help speed up the return to spectator sports.

Many of our clients are already experiencing huge savings compared to their previous hygiene programs. Some of our customers are reporting a saving of £300 per month per machine compared to using traditional sanitiser units. The technology uses motion sensors to detect the presence of hands and administer a carefully measured dose of 70% alcohol sanitiser solution. These machines are designed to minimise waste and operate with maximum efficiency.

The robust build quality means our hand sanitising machines are well-suited for fast-paced, high-traffic and industrial settings, as they do not break as easily as traditional units. The flimsy nature of old-fashioned sanitisers is a serious issue in this pandemic; we are seeing many of the public sanitising stations become damaged and unusable not long after being installed. We also offer a bespoke branding service, so that you can have your machines printed with your company colours and logo to keep them on brand and in keeping with the aesthetic of your workplace.

If that wasn’t enough, then to top it off the Let’s Sanitise It hand sanitising stations are made from recycled materials recovered from the UK. Let’s Sanitise It is putting scrap material back to use, helping push towards the circular economy that is at the very centre of what we do.

We agree with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon when she said, “Supporting people to do the right thing is much more efficient than threatening harsh punishment.” Not only do we believe a COVID-secure economy is possible, but we are actively working to achieve it. We do not want to see the police, or worse still the military, having to increase its presence around the country to enforce further restrictions or potentially even another full lockdown. Let’s Sanitise It is here to support the UK through this pandemic, to keep the economy moving and to keep the people safe.

Let’s Sanitise It – https://automatichandsanitizer.co.uk

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