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Frequently Asked Questions

What plastics are recyclable?

The vast majority of plastics can be recycled; rather than the material itself, it is usually a logistical, technical or economic issue that prevents plastic from being recycled. If plastics are contaminated, if there is not ready access to a recycling facility or if the cost of recycling the plastic is too high to make a profit when selling the recycled product are examples of issues that may lead to plastic not being recycled.

Can plastics be recycled?

Yes, plastics can be recycled. Whether you’re a business owner wondering if they can recycle their plastic scrap, or if you’re wondering whether you can recycle the plastic you have lying around at home then the answer remains yes. How you go about recycling your plastic may vary depending on where and who you are. If you’re wondering about the plastic you have at home, your local authority will be able to inform you how you should go about recycling your household waste. If you are a business owner, get in touch with Let’s Recycle It today to find out how we can help you recycle your plastic waste by buying it from you.

Why should we recycle plastic?

Firstly, you should recycle plastic because of the enormous toll plastic is taking on the environment; whether it’s manufacturing new plastic or plastic pollution in our oceans, the way we use this material needs to be addressed as a matter of great urgency. Secondly, the EU, the UN and governing bodies all around the world are taking steps to shift industry towards a circular economy. The amount of plastic that gets recycled needs to increase in order for countries to increase to meet their set manufacturing targets.

How to recycle plastic waste?

If you are recycling plastic you have at home, making sure it is sorted and cleaned before putting it in your recycling bins will help workers at waste handling facilities process the plastic for recycling. If you are a business owner, making sure you keep your plastic clean and in good condition is important for recycling the material. Contact us at Let’s Recycle It for more information on how we can help you with this – we buy plastic scrap.

How to get recycled plastic?

If you are looking to buy recycled plastic for manufacturing or another use, then contact Let’s Recycle It today. We have the highest quality recycled plastic EREMA pellet for sale.

What can we do to recycle plastic?

How to go about recycling plastic can vary on a number of factors; if you’re trying to recycle food or mail packaging, old unwanted plastic products or anything else plastic then ensure that the material is clean, remove contaminating materials and recycle in accordance with your local authority’s requirements. If you are a business owner, then make sure to keep your plastics clean, separated out into the different materials and in good condition then contact Let’s Recycle It about how we can help you recycle your waste – we buy plastic scrap.

What is plastic scrap?

Plastic scrap can take many forms. It can be empty food packaging, product packaging, packaging materials from shipments, old car parts, household items or industry waste such as film, polystyrene and piping. Anything made from plastic becomes waste as soon as it is no longer wanted, needed or fit for purpose. Contact Let’s Recycle It today to find out how we can help you recycle this material – we buy plastic scrap.

How to process recycled plastic?

Recycling companies will acquire plastic waste from a variety of sources and then send it on for processing. The material will be sorted, cleansed, shredded and melted into plastic pellet to go back into manufacturing.

How do plastic recycling plants work?

Plastic recycling plants will receive deliveries of plastic waste from recycling companies. The workers at these facilities will then take the loads and sort through the materials to ensure they are as appropriately segregated as possible before the plastic is sent on to be cleansed. Once clean, the plastic will be shredded into small flakes before finally being melted down to form a pellet that can then be used by manufacturers.

Who buys recycled plastic?

Here at Let’s Recycle It, we are interested in buying plastic scrap of all types and grades. If you have plastic waste, get in touch today to find out if and how we can go about buying your scrap material.

How to make recycled plastic pellets from recycled plastic?

Once plastic has been sent for recycling, a recycling plant will segregate and clean the material, shred it and then melt it down to form a plastic pellet that can be used in manufacturing. At Let’s Recycle It we have the highest quality EREMA recycled plastic pellet for sale, get in touch for more information.

Which companies recycling?

Here at Let’s Recycle It, recycle is our middle name. We are industry leaders in the recycling of various different polymers. We have a dedicated team of experts ready and waiting to help you with all of your recycling needs. So get in touch today to find out more about the services we have to offer – we buy plastic scrap.

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